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At Empowerlife Kinesiology, we teach classes created by Hugo Tobar with NK Institute and we teach classes created by Empowerlife Kinesiology. 

There is a separate Course Guide for NK Institute courses. 

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There is a separate course guide for NK Institute courses.

Exploring Energy: Principles for Self-Alignment & Working with Frequency

What is Energy? How am I affected by it? How does my energy affect others?

Exploring Energy is an introduction to the world of energy behind all forms of energy medicine. Looking at the world through this lens will change your paradigm!

Life is complicated, yet all the issues we have can be narrowed down to energy - how it flows, where it is restricted or blocked, and what we need in order to restore flow.

This course will introduce you to some basic concepts of Frequency and Resonance, and what they have to do with emotions, physical symptoms and relationships.

The Manual/Workbook will guide you as you identify aspects of your life that you can transform through knowledge and awareness. 

Practical Applications and tools for working with Energy are included.

There are two ways to take this course:

Independent Study: Go at your own pace through the online, pre-recorded class. Includes one lab (in-person or on Zoom)

Group Mentoring: Multi-week deep-dive into the material weekly online or in person labs.

Check with us for the next group start date!

Gui: Understanding and Moving through Negative Thoughts, Emotions, and Feelings

In the course of daily life, we experience a wide array of situations, emotions or even trauma that leave us feeling a bit off.

Many times, while working with clients, it becomes apparent that something is amiss. The muscle testing is not consistent, you feel confusion, or the person seems stuck in their process.

This is when you can test for GUI (gway) energy. The procedures in this course will lead you from the most basic techniques to more complex and powerful techniques.

The first in a series of Gui courses, you will learn  from a Panel of five practitioners, each sharing how they experience different aspects of chaotic energies, and how emotions and feelings affect our experience.

Prerequisite: Exploring Energy recommended

Chakra Touch the Basics

Heart Centered

Learn how to access the Chakras, the energy centers that interface between your interior and exterior environments. The Chakras each govern important Spiritual Life lessons. They hold and impart information about safety, trust, empowerment, love, truth, intuition and spiritual connection. Energy gets trapped in these centers and learning to release this can bring balance, calm and clarity to yourself or your clients.

Using the chakra system, you can make connections at the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels in safe and effective manner.

Prerequisites: Exploring Energy and Gui 1 are recommended

MRT: Muscle Response Testing

This course will teach you the foundational concepts of Muscle Response Testing.

You will learn how to use an indicator muscle to access information held in the body in an objective, honoring way. The physiology and mechanics of muscle testing will be explained and practiced.

Muscle Response Testing goes beyond the “yes or no” information that most muscle testing provides, as you will learn how to read three different states of the muscle. This allows a much greater depth of information for your muscle testing.

Prerequisite: Exploring Energy recommended

Pathways: Working with the Movement of Qi

In this course, we will explore some of the differences between Western allopathic thought and the Eastern holistic paradigm. We will dive into some of these holistic concepts as we explore Yin & Yang, the nature of Qi, the Meridian System - how energy, or Qi, flows through the body, and Acupoints, or Acupuncture points, learning how they can be used to affect the energy in our body (no needles). You will be given an important shortcut technique, called Mu Points, that will enhance speed and accuracy in your work.

We will next explore the practical aspects of Meridians: where they are located, how they flow, and how to balance them using simple and profound techniques. The Meridians are essential for balancing the body and do the actual work of transporting the Qi.  

You will learn how the Meridians fit into some of the next systems you will learn - like the Body Clock and the 5 Elements. 

You will begin to experiment with assisting a person in balancing simple emotions using the Meridians and the techniques you learned in Exploring Energy.

Prerequisites: MRT, (Exploring Energy recommended)

NK Immune and Vaccination Pathways 1&2 with EK Navigating the Immune System

Learn the basic of the Immune System and beyond! 

From the immune cells themselves, to how they interact with each other, with our bodies and with invaders.

The NK Courses cover the foundational information along with more complex formatting and Holograms to address multiple issues.

The EK Navigating the Immune System takes the information into functional pathways, including the use of new Modes, Formats and Flowcharts.

The NK courses are a pre-requisite for the EK course. These courses are pre-requisites for further courses in the Immune System, including the Food Sensitivity course.

The Empowerlife Team

Ronald Wayman, Tami Davis and Debbie Luke have the great privilege and joy of creating and teaching courses designed to train beginners and more advanced students in Energy Kinesiology techniques. They have been working together on courses for nearly 10 years, and love to provide students with quality information, manuals and training.

Ronald, Tami and Debbie EK Team