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At Empowerlife Kinesiology, we teach classes created by Hugo Tobar with NK Institute and we teach classes created by Empowerlife Kinesiology. 

There is a separate Course Guide for NK Institute courses. 

The following EK courses are currently available for purchase and viewing.

We are adding and uploading courses continually, so check back from time to time!

If there is a class you know you are interested in, contact us and we will put it on the schedule to create and publish.

Each Class description is followed by the link to the class page where you will see your purchase options.

There is a separate course guide for NK Institute courses.

Available Soon

NK Immune and Vaccination Pathways 1&2 with EK Navigating the Immune System

Learn the basic of the Immune System and beyond! 

From the immune cells themselves, to how they interact with each other, with our bodies and with invaders.

The NK Courses cover the foundational information along with more complex formatting and Holograms to address multiple issues.

The EK Navigating the Immune System takes the information into functional pathways, including the use of new Modes, Formats and Flowcharts.

The NK courses are a pre-requisite for the EK course. These courses are pre-requisites for further courses in the Immune System, including the Food Sensitivity course.

The Empowerlife Team

Ronald Wayman, Tami Davis and Debbie Luke have the great privilege and joy of creating and teaching courses designed to train beginners and more advanced students in Energy Kinesiology techniques. They have been working together on courses for nearly 10 years, and love to provide students with quality information, manuals and training.

Ronald, Tami and Debbie EK Team