Group Supported Course


Join us for a seven-week exploration of the foundations of Chinese medicine. We will  dive into underlying principles that can affect how we navigate our lives and our relationships.

We will meet in person or online to discuss the principles and applications.

We will also use the Telegram app as a learning and discussion tool.

Groups will be formed periodically throughout the year.

About this Course

In this course, we will explore some of the differences between Western allopathic thought and the Eastern holistic paradigm. We will dive into some of these holistic concepts as we explore Yin & Yang, the nature of Qi, the Meridian System - how energy, or Qi, flows through the body, and Acupoints, or Acupuncture points, learning how they can be used to affect the energy in our body (no needles). You will be given an important shortcut technique, called Mu Points, that will enhance speed and accuracy in your work.

We will next explore the practical aspects of Meridians: where they are located, how they flow, and how to balance them using simple and profound techniques. The Meridians are essential for balancing the body and do the actual work of transporting the Qi.  

Included is Understanding Meridians: Reference Charts for the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Dysfunctional Aspects of the Meridian System, along with Ron Wayman’s pre-recorded discussions of each of the Meridians. Ron is a  master Neuroenergetic Kinesiologist, and shares his decades of experience working with the Meridian System.

You will learn how the Meridians fit into some of the next systems you will learn - like the Body Clock and the 5 Elements. 

You will begin to experiment with assisting a person in balancing simple emotions using the Meridians and the techniques you learned in Exploring Energy.

Prerequisites: Muscle Response Testing
Exploring Energy recommended

Course Highlights

  • Paradigms - East vs West
  • Exploring Yin & Yang
  • Yin & Yang in your Lifestyle
  • Qi
  • Meridians & Acupoints
  • Mu/Alarm Points
  • Meridian Flows
  • Beginning & End Points
  • Meridian Balancing 
  • Addressing Issues
  • Simple Emotional Processing
  • Element Connect
  • Manual/Workbook
  • Meridian Reference Manual
  • Charts & Procedures
  • Online or In-person Labs

Where to Start?

If you have not already taken Exploring Energy and Muscle Response Testing (MRT), start there.

If you are already familiar with muscle testing, contact us to talk about what type of testing you do, and if you need to learn MRT. 

As soon as you sign up, please send us your address so we can ship a manual to you. The mailing cost is included up to $10. 

If you live outside the US, we will determine the best way to get a manual to you. The manual is also available as an online viewing version. 

First Course

  • MRT: Muscle Response Testing


Course curriculum

  • 01

    Week One: Welcome

    • Introduction

    • Paradigms - Eastern & Western

  • 02

    Week One, cont: Yin & Yang

    • Introduction to Yin & Yang

    • It's all Relative

    • Yin & Yang comparisons

    • Practical Applications

    • Yin & Yang in the Body

    • Transformations

    • Lifestyles Worksheet

  • 03

    Week One, cont: The Nature of Qi

    • What is Qi?

    • Qi in the Body

    • Understanding Qi

    • Types and Function of Qi

    • Taking Care of Your Qi

  • 04

    Week Two: Introduction to the Meridians and Acupoints

    • Pathways in the Body

    • Flowing and Restricted Qi

    • Try it: Sensing Energy

    • Try it: Sensing Energy on Another Person

    • Development of Meridians

    • Meridian Associations

    • Meridians, The 5 Elements & The Body Clock

    • Meridian Overview

    • Acupoints

    • More Acupoint Applications

    • Mu Points

    • Mu Points Demo

  • 05

    Week Three: The Meridian Flows

    • Meridian Flows

    • The Meridian Dance

  • 06

    Week Four: Working With the Meridians

    • Beginning & End Point Locations

    • Simple Meridian Balance Procedure

    • Demo

    • Meridian Support Options Flowchart

    • Starting with an Issue

    • Demo

  • 07

    Week Five: Meridians in the Elements

    • The Meridians in the Elements

  • 08

    Week Six: Balancing with Emotions

    • Balancing Meridian Emotions

    • Demo

    • Beginning & End Point Emotions

    • Demo

  • 09

    Understanding Meridians

    • Introduction

    • Bladder Meridian: The Controller

    • Bladder Archetypes

    • Roles of the Bladder

    • Bladder Emotions

    • Bladder Dysfunction

    • Central Vessel: The Director

    • Roles of the Central Vessel

    • Central Vessel Emotions

    • Central Vessel Dysfunction

    • Gall Bladder: The Decision Maker

    • Roles of the Gall Bladder

    • Gall Bladder Emotions

    • Gall Bladder Dysfunctions

    • Governing Vessel: The Governor

    • Roles of the Governing Vessel

    • Governing Vessel Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Governing Vessel Strategy

    • Heart Meridian: The Emperor

    • Roles of the Heart Meridian

    • Heart Meridian Emotions & Dysfunctions

    • Kidney Meridian: The Philosopher

    • Roles of the Kidney Meridian

    • Kidney Meridian Emotions

    • Kidney Meridian Dysfunctions

    • Large Intestine Meridian: The Evaluator

    • Roles of the Large Intestine

    • Large Intestine Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Liver Meridian: The Manager

    • Roles of the Liver

    • Liver Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Lung Meridian: The Acceptor

    • Roles of the Lung

    • Lung Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Pericardium Meridian: The Protector

    • Roles of the Pericardium Meridian

    • Pericardium Emotions & Dysfunctions

    • Small Intestine Meridian: The Sorter

    • Roles of the Small Intestine

    • Small Intestine Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Spleen Meridian: The Giver

    • Roles of the Spleen

    • Spleen Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Stomach Meridian: The Receiver

    • Stomach Emotions & Dysfunction

    • Triple Heater: The Coordinator

    • Roles of the Triple Heater

    • Triple Heater Emotions & Dysfunction

Ron Wayman

Instructor Bio:

For more than 30 years, Ron has dedicated his life to coaching individuals in achieving the desires of their hearts through empowerment and congruency of the heart, mind, body and soul as a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist, a Certified Enzyme Nutritionist and an Empowerment Emotional Coach. He founded Sensory Dynamics Institute, formally known as ACNEK - The American College of NeuroEnergy Kinesiology, and expansive work incorporates breakthroughs in focused emotional processing, motivational heart-mind empowerment, energy alignment in brain-neurointegration, nutrition, body energy systems and sensory integration. Ron is continually developing new techniques for working with the energy systems of the body, based upon traditional Chinese methodologies. These restructured and original tools assist the practitioner to experience and facilitate tremendous physical, emotional and energetic alchemy.

Ronald Wayman


Debbie Luke

Instructor Bio:

Debbie came to Energy Kinesiology as a client and began taking classes out of curiosity.  She began her study of Energy Kinesiology in 2010. The experience of learning about the world of Energy and Healing arts has been monumentally life-changing. There is a tremendous joy in assisting clients when they feel stuck - in life, in relationships, unhealthy situations, emotionally or with physical manifestations that show up as pain and injury.  She is a certified Energy Kinesiologist as well as a massage therapist, which gives her an even wider variety of tools for her practice. Debbie uses a mix of techniques and procedures created by Ron Wayman and Hugo Tobar, as well as modalities from Polarity, Reiki, and massage techniques to address specific physical issues.

Debbie Luke


Tami Davis

Instructor Bio:

Tami Davis has been an Energy Kinesiology practitioner for the past 12 years. Some of the modalities she employs are: LEAP, Hugo Tobar’s Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, and Ron Wayman’s Chakra Touch, Emotional Balancing, Nutrition, Elementos, Meridian Switching and Communication Courses.In 2006 Tami joined the team at Sensory Dynamics, as an Energy Kinesiologist and Empowerment Life Coach.  She has assisted Ron in developing several courses, particularly with her invaluable charts and diagrams within the power-packed manuals, allowing students to reinforce what is taught so they can use it outside of the classroom.  In the class, students are guided toward an understanding of powerful concepts to assist them on their road to working with others.This is an incredible journey, especially for those that have special gifts of intuition, psychic abilities, being a medical intuitive etc.  The students discover ways to tap into their gifts and also gain skills which will allow them to maintain objectivity. This allows for a balance to maintain professionalism and congruency, allowing them to truly help other people heal themselves. 

Tami Davis


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