We offer courses in the field of Energy Kinesiology

We are excited to share with you many exciting learning opportunities in the field of Energy Kinesiology. The various tools offered in Energy Kinesiology can be used for yourself, your family or in a professional setting. 

You can use these tools to assist those who need an alternative in their quest in finding answers to their physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship or business needs.

We will teach you how to “listen” to your client or family member in a way that is very honoring of that person’s unique way of holding stress in their body or energy system. 

Listen, as Ron Wayman introduces you to Empowerlife Kinesiology, LLC.

Ron gives a brief overview of the school and some of the courses we teach.

How to Get Started

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Your first step is to click on a course that will take you to the Create an Account page.

At that point, you will create your login and password. You may then choose to purchase a course now, or later.

Any courses you purchase will appear on your Dashboard. 

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What’s unique about Empowerlife Kinesiology?

Empowerlife Kinesiology features courses created by Ronald Wayman as well as Hugo Tobar’s Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK) courses. In January of each year, Hugo teaches live classes. Please let us know if you wish to be notified. The NK recordings available on this platform are taught and recorded by Ron Wayman, the Certified Representative for NK Institute for the United States.

Come Learn With Us

We offer classes for the Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Practitioner. Check out our classes and begin your journey into the world of Energy Kinesiology and Neuroenergetic Kinesiology. We offer all the courses from Ronald Wayman including Chakra Touch©, Meridian Switching, Elementos, BodyClock MuscleGroups, Nutrition, and Emotions courses. Empowerlife Kinesiology also offers Hugo Tobar’s Neuroenergetic Kinesiology courses.


“I really like thinkific. I like how it shows my progress and keeps record of what I have reviewed and what still needs to be done. I like having access anytime all the time. I like how the videos are broken up so I can access specific areas for review as needed. I LOVE these courses. I appreciate this work so much. I appreciate all the efforts made to make this information clear and user friendly. I am so glad for the opportunity to experience this work and share with others. Thanks for all the work you do! It's mind-blowing and life changing.”

Denise S

“Overall the experience was awesome! It is definitely one of the best classes I have taken. The additional charts and information was so valuable and appreciated. The Q & A times were great.”

Anita B

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoy taking your online classes. I love being able to watch the video, rewind or re-watch when needed and also gives the flexibility to be able to stop and tend to other things I’m doing. Having the ability to go at your own pace is really wonderful. The supplemental charts have been incredible and have really aided in my understanding of the course. The part that’s hard is not having the designated class setting to practice on willing bodies, but I have really been able to work through that. I additionally, LOVE the quizzes and having the option to test for competency. It really gives me added confidence in using the work. ”

Denise A

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