About this Course

One of the most extensively used tools in Energy Kinesiology, Pauselock and Jawstacking are a tremendous boost to an Energy Kinesiologist's ability to identify and hold deeper layers of information in the "circuit". 

This technique is used extensively throughout an Energy Kinesiology session.

This basic class will introduce you to the concept and locations of these points, and includes a Demo showing how they are used.

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • What is Pauselock?

    • Pauselock & Hydration

    • Demo

    • Downloadable Hydration Support Chart

  • 02


    • Jawstacking Part 1

    • Jawstacking Part 2

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Tami & Debbie


We have been coordinating, creating and teaching Energy Kinesiology classes for many years. We love teaching, and work together to create a meaningful and educational experience for you. Our desire is to empower you to create greater balance and meaning in your own life, as well as in the lives of those for whom you facilitate.

Tami Davis and Debbie Luke