About this Class

This class is for those who wish to understand how we function emotionally, physically and energetically. Using the Elements as models, we can recognize the dysfunctional patterns we get trapped in.

Through video  and Manual/Workbook, you will have the opportunity to  learn more about how you operate and gain skills to assist others through coaching and Energy Kinesiology techniques. 

Labs are available via Zoom, or in-person for those near our location in West Jordan, UT.

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Introduction Placeholder

    • Notes before you begin

  • 02

    The 5 Elements

    • Introduction to the Elements

    • The Wood Element

    • The Fire Element

    • The Earth Element

    • The Metal Element

    • The Water Element

    • Words in the Elements

    • How Elements Interact

    • Mapping the Elements

    • The 5 Element Flows

    • Fire Element Options

    • Regulating the Elements

    • How the Elements Manage Stress

    • Balancing the Elements

    • SRs: Stress Release Review

    • Meridian Support for the Elements Flow Chart

    • Basic Element Procedure

    • Basic Element Procedure Demo

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Ron Wayman, Tami Davis and Debbie Luke have the great privilege and joy of creating and teaching courses designed to train beginners and more advanced students in Energy Kinesiology techniques. They have been working together on courses for nearly 10 years, and love to provide students with quality information, manuals and training.

Ron, Tami and Debbie EK Team