Part Two of Chakra Touch the Basics

A continuation of Chakra Touch the Basics, including procedures. 

Pre-requisites: Chakra Touch the Basics, Muscle Response Testing

About This Course

There is a Web of information contained within the Chakras. Within each Chakra are many layers, or dimensions that hold information relating to the physical, biochemical, sensory, emotional, mental, energy and spiritual aspects for the individual. 

The Chakra Weave Procedure allows the Practitioner to balance between two Chakras using the Dimensions. This course gives you the tools to identify the dimension where stress  is held, enabling the individual to process at a deeper, more profound level.

A continuation of Chakra Touch the Basics, this course uses Muscle Response Testing for more accuracy and speed. 

Course Highlights

  • Residual Energy Forms Procedure
  • Meridians and Chakras
  • Using Mu/Alarm Points for the Chakras
  • Chakra Dimensions
  • Using Hand Spans
  • The Chakra Web™  Procedure
  • The Chakra Weave™  Procedure


Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Procedure manual walk thru

    • Residual Energy Forms

    • Demo: Residual Energy Forms Procedure

    • Meridians and Chakras

    • Finding Mu Points

    • Chakra Touch Connect for 2 Chakras

    • Chakra Hand Spans

    • Demo: Hand Spans

    • Chakras and Dimensions

    • Chakra Dimensions Physical and Nutritional

    • Sensory and Emotional Dimensions

    • Mental, Energy and Spiritual Dimensions

    • Attributes of the Dimensions and Dimensions Master Chart

    • Demo: Dimensions Master Chart

    • The Chakra Web

    • Balancing the Chakra Web

    • Chakra Web Procedure Walk Through

    • Demo: Chakra Web Procedure

    • The Chakra Weave

    • Balancing the Chakra Weave

    • Demo: Chakra Weave Procedure

    • Determining the Balance

    • Demo: Determining the Balance

Your Instructors

Ronald Wayman, Tami Davis and Debbie Luke have the great privilege and joy of creating and teaching courses designed to train beginners and more advanced students in Energy Kinesiology techniques. They have been working together on courses for nearly 10 years, and love to provide students with quality information, manuals and training.

Ronald, Tami and Debbie EK Team

Additional products

  • MRT: Muscle Response Testing