About This Course

Learn how to access the Chakras, the energy centers that interface between your interior and exterior environments. The Chakras each govern important Spiritual Life lessons. They hold and impart information about safety, trust, empowerment, love, truth, intuition and spiritual connection. Energy gets trapped in these centers and learning to release this can bring balance, calm and clarity to yourself or your clients.

Using the chakra system, you can make connections at the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels in a safe and effective manner.

The included Reference includes information about the following:

  • Emotions
  • Energy Management
  • How the energy is perceived
  • Associated Organs/Glands
  • Influences on the Body
  • Excessive & Deficient Energy
  • Balanced Energy
  • Money in the Chakra
  • Life Lessons
  • Activities to support the Chakra
  • Spiritual Considerations

Course Highlights

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Chakra
  • Location and color associations
  • Connecting to your Personal Energy Fields
  • Grounding
  • Sensing and Using Intuition with the Chakras
  • Chakra Emotions Procedure
  • Using hand modes to communicate with the body and chakra system
  • Balancing techniques using sound, palming and color
  • Chakra Touch Connect
  • Chakra Buddies
  • Chakra Stairsteps
  • Chakra Touch for Organs & Glands
  • Chakra Touch for Areas of Concern
  • Balancing Two Chakras
  • Chakra Colors Centering

Your Instructors

Ronald Wayman, Tami Davis and Debbie Luke have the great privilege and joy of creating and teaching courses designed to train beginners and more advanced students in Energy Kinesiology techniques. They have been working together on courses for nearly 10 years, and love to provide students with quality information, manuals and training.

Ronald, Tami and Debbie EK Team

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Part One

    • Manual Overview

    • Introduction to Chakras

    • Chakra Structure

    • Chakras and the Nervous System

    • Endocrine System and Nadis

    • Chakra Buddies

    • Chakra Touch Connect

    • Chakra Touch Connect Demo

    • The Root Chakra

    • Root Chakra cont.

    • Tuning in to the Energy

    • Sensing & Using Intuition with the Chakras Flowchart

    • Using Intuition

    • Scanning

    • Using Muscle Response Testing

    • Chakra Stair Steps

  • 02

    Part Two

    • Using Modes

    • Sacral Chakra

    • Single Chakra Procedure

    • More on the Sacral Plexus Chakra

    • More Thoughts

    • Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Using Conversation

    • Chakra Conversation Demo

    • Chakra Conversation Demo pt 2

    • Follow Up Discussion

  • 03

    Part Three

    • The Heart Chakra

    • Heart Chakra Experience

    • Chakra Emotion Procedure

    • The Throat Chakra

    • The Brow Chakra

    • The Crown Chakra

    • Rainbow Colors Centering

  • 04

    Part Four: Balancing & Procedures

    • REFs: Residual Energy Forms

    • Balancing Options

    • Chakra Touch for Organs and Glands

    • Demo: Chakra Touch for Organs Glands

    • Demo: Brain Heart Connection

    • Chakra Touch for Area of concern

    • Demo: Chakra Touch for Areas of Concern

    • Balancing Two Chakras

    • Demo: Balancing Two Chakras

    • Support Pages

    • What's next?

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