Why Should You Take this Class?

The purpose of this class is to prepare you for Navigating the Qi. 

In the first part of this class, Ron leads you from basic information about meridians to more advanced information about Mu and Shu Points and the Body Clock.  

He will teach how to do simple balances using Beginning and End points, Body Clock Complements and Body Clock Partners and how to use Shu Points as a Bridge. 

The next part of the class is a series of  video clips from courses taught in the past. Included, is information about 5 Element Theory, Neurovasculars and Neurovascular Pairs. 

What you need to Understand Before you Take Approaching the Bridge:

  • Names of meridians
  • General Location
  • Basic awareness of the 5 Elements

 How to Navigate Acupuncture point charts

  • Beginning & End Points 
  • Mu/Alarm points



Course curriculum

  • 01

    Basic Concepts

    • Welcome to Approaching the Bridge

    • Meridians

    • Meridians Quiz

    • Meridians & Organs

    • Meridians & Organs Quiz

    • Body Clock

    • Body Clock Quiz

    • Mu Points & Shu Points

    • Mu Points & Shu Points Quiz

    • Shu Points & the Body Clock

    • Shu Points & the Body Clock Quiz

  • 02

    Charts for Basic Concepts

    • Body Clock

    • Mu Points

    • The 7 Elements

    • Shu Points

    • Meridian Beginning & End Points

    • Body Clock Partners

  • 03

    5 Element Theory

    • Introduction to the Elements

    • 5 Elements from the Chart

    • 5 Element Flows

  • 04


    • Element Connect

    • Neurovasculars

    • Rules for Neurovascular Pairs

    • Neurovascular Pairs

Excerpts from Elements & Meridians

This class condenses the material presented in Elements & Meridians. If you desire to take the full class, when available, you may apply the cost of this course to Elements & Meridians.

Ron Wayman

Instructor Bio:

For more than 30 years, Ron has dedicated his life to coaching individuals in achieving the desires of their hearts through empowerment and congruency of the heart, mind, body and soul as a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist, a Certified Enzyme Nutritionist and an Empowerment Emotional Coach. He founded Sensory Dynamics Institute, formally known as ACNEK - The American College of NeuroEnergy Kinesiology, and EmpowerLifeIntegration.com.His expansive work incorporates breakthroughs in focused emotional processing, motivational heart-mind empowerment, energy alignment in brain-neurointegration, nutrition, body energy systems and sensory integration. Ron is continually developing new techniques for working with the energy systems of the body, based upon traditional Chinese methodologies. These restructured and original tools assist the practitioner to experience and facilitate tremendous physical, emotional and energetic alchemy.

Ronald Wayman


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