About NK Institute Courses

NK Institute is currently recognised as the leading institute of kinesiology in the world. Hugo Tobar, the founder and principal of the Institute, ensures that the material and workshops are at the forefront of the kinesiology field by keeping the techniques updated and in line with the latest research evidence in areas such as neuroscience, psychology, endocrinology, immunology, genetics, pathology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.  

Empowerlife Kinesiology and NK Institute

As the US Representative for NK Institute, Ronald Wayman is certified to teach the NK courses.

Many of these are currently available on this site. 

If there are NK courses you are interested in that aren't currently available, please notify us.

As we gather interested students, we will teach the desired class and make it available. 

Course Descriptions

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As part of an International community, we follow NK policies for students.

Empowerlife Kinesiology primarily serves students in the USA. If you are in another country please see the list below to identify your Country's Representative. 

If you're in a country with no representative, please contact us. 

Hugo travels around the world teaching, and you may join his courses in-person or via Zoom.

You may travel to any country you choose to take live classes.

International Institutes

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is a major stream of kinesiology and is taught in the following kinesiology institutes around the world:

NK Institute Australia