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A Revolution in LEAP - Integrating the Second Half of the Nervous System!

There are only two cell types in the Nervous System – Glial Cells & Neurons. While Glial Cells out-number Neurons by 40 to 100 times, it was believed they only provided a matrix and passive support for Neuron function, and Neurons did all the Neurotransmission!  However, recent discoveries show that the Glial Cells – the other half of the Nervous System - are actively involved in Neurotransmission as well as Neurons!

Now research has exploded showing in detail the exact nature of the powerful role Glial Cells play in Neurotransmission, causing a revolution in our understanding of this essential process – a true Paradigm Shift in our understanding of Neurotransmission.

Even now, most recent neurology texts only hint at this revolution and are still dominated by the Neuron Doctrine that states categorically that Neurons are the total basis of Neurotransmission!

 In LEAP-FT 3 you will learn the Glial cells are involved in:

  • Forming the Blood Brain Barrier
  • Scarring - a possible cause for epileptic seizures
  • Environmental toxins and brain reactions
  • Memory set down and loss
  • Our brain immune system
  • Brain environmental regulation
  • Brain tumours and other imbalances in the brain
  • Cerebrospinal fluid production and distribution
  • Cerebrospinal fluid Brain Barrier - did you even know we have one... and why?!
  • Transduction of mental decisions into neuronal action
  • Peripheral Nervous system nerve repair and wound healing
  • Myelination in the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems - the basis of Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders when things go wrong
  • Hormone effects on our brain, including adolescence and menopause
  • Emotional, short- & long-term stress effects on Glial Cell Neurotransmission
  • Control of which neurons fire and their speed providing brain synchrony - the basis of Brain Integration

..... plus much more!!

Condensing the understanding of this new knowledge, Dr. Charles Krebs developed, along with Ian Stubbings, formatting for the Glial Cells, and worked out its application to the Second half of Brain Integration! It turns out that Glial Cell Integration and Neuronal Integration are totally separate functions – yet extensively interact! So, you can have 100% Neuronal Integration and little Glial Cell Integration or vice versa. Up to this point, LEAP had only been doing Neuronal Integration when both Neuronal & Glial Cell Integration is complete – you get some truly remarkable results not possible before!

“It cannot be a “Belief System”, I could not believe the results I was getting at first!”

– Dr. Charles Krebs

Prerequisites: LEAP BI 1 or LEAP FT 1

Live Class over Zoom

This course will be presented by Jacque via Zoom.

Dates: March 18-21, 2022
Time: 3 pm to 1 am MDT (You will have access to recordings) 

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Jacque Mooney

Instructor Bio:

JACQUE WAS INTRODUCED TO CHARLES KREBS (PHD), who developed the LEAP Brain Integration Program in Kinesiology, by a mutual friend, which inspired her to study the field of Kinesiology. Jacque was particularly interested in working and helping children with learning difficulties using Kinesiology which was the field of Dr Krebs’ speciality. Jacque completed a two-year integrated program with Dr Krebs and later on, a further 2 years to obtain a diploma in Health Sciences in Holistic Kinesiology. Jacque has studied extensively and worked closely with Dr. Charles Krebs since 1993 both in private practice and as an Instructor and Instructor trainer of the LEAP Brain Integration Program.

Jacque Mooney