About Infection Pathways

Infections can be responsible for most of the causes of dis-ease in our life.  Bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan invaders can throw our entire systems out of balance.  You’ll learn:   

  • How to do powerful infection balances of viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa by working with the pathways that activate the “Generals” of the immune system—the T Helper Cells.
  • How to balance the immune signaling system—the cytokines, to activate the particular T Helper Cells to give us the capability to bring an infection in line with our inner environmental balance.  
  • The pathways to activate our immunoglobulins to achieve a lasting immunity to a given pathogen. 

Prerequisite: Hugo Tobar's NK Immune 2 

Teaching Schedule

March 5-6th, 2021

This course will be taught live via Zoom.

The class recordings are included and will be available on this platform.

Steven Hansen

Instructor Bio:

Steven has been doing Energy Kinesiology for 26 years, and currently works at the world-renowned rheumatology clinic, The Institute for Specialized Medicine in San Diego, California with Dr. Alexander Shikhman. Steven has developed revolutionary tools to balance energy, brain waves and the autoimmune system. He is the creator of the KABS system of Kinesiology. He’s happy to share his gifts with other healers.

Steven Hansen

Master Energy Kinesiologist

Steve - Presenting in Kiev

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    Infection Pathways

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